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It’s as simple as 1,2,3 to get started immediately. Just follow these easy instructions:

1 - Fill out the dealer application to the right. Please print legibly.
2 - Purchase 4 $100 money orders - made payable to the names in Level #1, 2 and 3 and one made payable to RDS. Only money orders or credit cards are accepted for this personal checks please. This eliminates the problem of any bad checks and keeps the program running smoothly. You'll love getting loads of 'just like cash' money orders filling your mailbox.
3 - Mail all 4 money orders, and a copy of this page of this flyer to:RDS, 2423 S. Orange Ave #164, Orlando, FL 32806 or fax your cc info to 407-245-7385. We will forward each money order and Silver Eagle to the appropriate dealer within 24 hours upon receipt. This keeps the program honest & everyone is guaranteed to be paid. Remember, money orders need to be made payable to the appropriate dealer as shown below in the Levels.

When we get your application, we’ll register you in the program and not only mail out your dealer kit with your first Silver Eagle via first class priority delivery confirmation mail, we will also mail out your first 1,000 copies within 14 days and send you proof so you know they were mailed! Then when you receive your quick cash generating system in the mail, make as many copies of the camera-ready flyer as you want to mail and begin mailing them immediately. Mail to everyone who mails an offer to you. These are the hottest prospects you'll find. Keep mailing! The more you mail, the more you'll make. You want your name added to as many other dealers' flyers as you can. Big $$$$ and Silver Eagles are right around the corner. Don't quit and you will see huge results.
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-------------------------------------------APPLICATION & ORDER FORM

___Yes! I’m ready to start making big money and receive my first Silver Eagle. I understand that I will only make commissions when I make a sale of this program. We’ll mail your first 1,000 within 14 days.

Send 4 separate money orders as shown:

Level #1 

$100 to: Frank Pennington 

Level #2

$100 to: Frank Pennington

Level #3

$100 to: Frank Pennington

$100 made payable to the monitor:
RDS, 2423 S. Orange Ave #164, Orlando, FL 32806.
407-504-2188 (phone)
II 407-245-7385 (fax)

Your Name_____________________________________________




Commissions and Silver Eagles are mailed immediately upon receiving them (daily). Therefore, all sales are final! No refunds! I've read and agree to the above terms:

(No orders can be processed without your signature) Instead of money orders, use your credit card □ Visa □ MC □ Disc.


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